Satori Finance

Satori Finance is a perpetual exchange built on Base, Scroll, zkSync, Polygon and Linea.


💵 TVL:

💸 Raised: $10M


Satori added a point system on April 1st, the more trades with higher volume we take, the more points we get, which will be later converted to an airdrop.

01 • Satori

Visit Satori Finance Website and sign in.

02 • Deposit

Deposit USDC using your favorite blockchain. I usually use zkSync and Scroll to add more volume towards their airdrop.

03 • Trade

Go to the Trade tab and open a short or long leverage position. Wait for a few minutes before closing it to avoid wash trading. Repeat the process several times over a few weeks.

04 • Withdraw

Once you feel satisfied with your volume, remove your capital by clicking on Portfolio, then Withdraw.