Aevo is a high-performance decentralized derivatives exchange platform, focused on options and perpetual contracts. The exchange runs on a custom EVM roll-up that rolls up to Ethereum. Aevo operates an off-chain orderbook with on-chain settlements. This means that once orders are matched, trades get executed and settled with smart contracts.


💵 TVL:

💸 Raised: $8.8M


Aevo is a rebranding of Ribbon Finance, they confirmed 16% of the tokenomics allocated for the airdrop. Previous usage of Aevo gets us elegible for the airdrop, plus there will be a mining event to increase our allocation. Our allocation will be based on our volume, fees and usage of the platform.

01 • Deposit

We'll need USDC on Optimism or Arbitrum (avoid Ethereum, too expensive). Visit the website, connect your wallet and follow the process to deposit.

02 • Trade

The more trades we take, the bigger will be our airdrop allocation.
Go to the Trading tab, and place some leverage, leave your position open for a few minutes, then close.

03 • aeUSD

Go to the Portfolio tab, scroll down and click on Earn for Aevo USDC, and deposit your USDC.
We can continue to take trades, but at the same time we'll be earning some APR on our USDC

04 • Repeat

Repeat the process as many times as you wish to increase our volume on the platform.