Hyperliquid is a decentralized perpetual exchange built on Arbitrum. Hyperliquid offers leverage trading up to 50x for several crypto assets.


💵 TVL:

💸 Raised: TBA


There is a point system for Hyperliquid which started back in Nov 2023, and will be available until April 2024. Every Thursday our points get updated based on our volume on the platform. The airdrop is expected to take place after the point system concludes.

01 • Deposit

Connect your wallet and click on "Deposit" located next to your wallet address at the top of the page. USDC is the only token we can deposit for now.

02 • Trade

If you already know how to trade, feel free to trade as usual. If you are not, open a leverage position 1-5x, leave it open for 1-5m and close it. Our goal is to add volume, not to make money out of our trades.

03 • Stats

Click on portfolio to see your volume on the platform.
Click on Points to check your total points (it gets updated every Thursday).

04 • Vaults

We can also earn some APR and points by depositing on the vaults but it's not mandatory.
Go to Vaults, click on one of the available pools and deposit USDC. Your funds will be locked for 4 days.

05 • Repeat

Repeat the process as many times as you wish to create more volume and receive more points.

06 • Remove funds

To remove your funds, go to Portfolio, click on Withdraw and remove your USDC. It takes around 5m to receive them on your MetaMask wallet.