Jumper is a multi-chain swapping and bridging solution that allows users to swap and bridge tokens across more than 20 networks with no fees and best price guarantees. It is a product of LI.FI, a company that provides comprehensive swapping and bridging solutions on the market.

Dex Aggregator

💵 TVL:

💸 Raised: $23M


LiFi is currently tokenless, therefore, by using Jumper (their Dex aggregator) we are positioning ourselves to qualify for a future airdrop.

01 • Cross-Chain Swap

Vist Jumper website, swap from any amount of tokens to another chain.

02 • Swap

We also have the option for same chain swapping.
Example: on the first row select ETH on zkSync, for the second row select USDC on zkSync.

03 • Routes

Jumper has different routes to choose from since it's a aggregator, if you find Stargate Finance route available, by choosing it you're also adding volume towards LayerZero airdrop.

04 • Repeat

Repeat the process as many times as you wish or include Jumper as one of your day to day bridges for whenever you need to send some funds between chains.