Kinza Finance is the next-generation decentralized lending protocol backed by Binance on BNB Chain. On Kinza we can lend our assets to earn yield but also borrow against it.


💵 TVL:

💸 Raised: TBA


A total potential supply of 5%, or 5 Million $KZA will be distributed during airdrops after the Token Generation Event. Our airdrop allocation will be based on the amount of points we have. For every $100 staked, we get 1 point every 24h.

01 • Deposit

Bridge some USDC to BNB chain, click on Markets and stake your USDC.
Make sure to have $5 worth of BNB for gas fees.

02 • Borrow

Click on Dashboard, scroll down and look for "Assets to borrow". Take a loan against your USDC, feel free to add it again as a deposit or use it somewhere else.

03 • Repay

If you need to remove your USDC, you'll need to first pay your loan. Go to Dashboard, look for "Repay debt", once repaid, remove your USDC.

04 • Stats

Every 24h we get 1 point for every $100 staked. Click on Airdrop located at the top of the page to check your points and ranking.