LogX is a Decentralized Exchange for trading perpetuals with aggregated liquidity. LogX Aggregator combines liquidity on various platforms to give users the best trades - low fees, high liquidity, and most importantly, you don't have to maintain positions across various DEXes.


💵 TVL:

💸 Raised: $6.1M


LogX Loyalty drop event will be available until March 5th. We get 4 points per $1 traded and 1 points per $1 added in LP. Therefore, the more we trade, the higher will be our allocation.

01 • Deposit

We'll need USDC on Optimism or Arbitrum. Click on deposit on the wallet icon and deposit your desired amount.

02 • Trade

Go to the Trading tab, and place some leverage trades.
For every $1 traded we get 4 trading points.

03 • Claim Orderly NFT

There are 4 different tiers, from $500 total volume up to $50,000. Try to get all of them.

04 • liquidity

Use Mode, Kroma or Linea since these blockchains are tokenless. Go to the Earn tab, click on Buy LLP. Then click on stake LLP.
For every $1 staked we get 1 gem point.

05 • Stats

Ranking gets updated every 24h.
Check your total points by clicking on the Airdrops Reward tab.