MilkyWay is a platform that enables liquid staking for Celestia's TIA. Users stake TIA tokens and receive milkTIA tokens in return, representing their staking position. This liquid token provides flexibility for various DeFi activities, securing Celestia while offering liquidity.

Liquid Staking

💵 TVL:

💸 Raised: TBA


$MILK will be the native token of the MilkyWay Protocol. $MILK holders will receive a portion of the 10% protocol fee charged on all staking rewards generated by milkTIA holders. The more you stake, the bigger can be your airdrop.

01 • Bridge to Celestia

Using Squid Router, bridge any token from EVM to receive TIA on your Kelpr or Leap Wallet.
Squid Router is tokenless, and might do an airdorp.

02 • Stake

Stake 90% of your TIA.
Always leave at least $5 worth of TIA for gas fees.

03 • Restake

After staking, you'll receive $milk tokens. Feel free to restake it on Osmo or Demex for more APR.

04 • Manage

Managing it actively is non necessary since once you stake there's nothing else to do. Feel free to increase your TIA staked for a bigger airdrop.