Mode is the Modular DeFi L2 that's built using Optimism's OP Stack which enables rapid application development and deployment of EVM-compatible applications. Mode's network fees are 95% less than Ethereum mainnet.


💵 TVL:

💸 Raised: 6M


There are 550M (5.5 supply) MODE tokens allocated for the airdrop which is scheduled for April 2024. Our airdrop allocation will be based on the amount of points we have. There are 5 ways to increase our points:
1. Previous activity on other chains
2. Bridge assets to MODE (the longer they stay on-chain, the more points we get)
3. Transacting. The more transaction volume we add, the more points we can gather
4. Adding Liquidity to partner projects
5. By inviting friends, we get 16% of their total points (referees points are not affected)

01 • Deposit

We'll need ETH on Ethereum mainnet for this task. Head over Mode's website, connect wallet and X account, then bridge your desired amount of ETH.

02 • Swap | Kim Exchange

Swap your ETH for USDC to increase volume on chain, repeat the process for other tokens. Always leave $5-$10 worth of ETH for gas fees.

03 • Lending | Ionic

Supply USDC or USDT on Ionic, then borrow against it to have enough liquidity to continue to swap

04 • DID | SpaceID

Purchase a domain name for MODE uisng SpaceID. Type your desired name, if available, confirm the purchase.

05 • Repeat

Repeat the process as many times as you wish to create more volume and receive more points, excluding SpaceID, one purchase is enough.

06 • Remove funds

To remove your funds, go to bridge, click on Withdraw and remove your ETH. At the moment we don't have a third party service to bridge back, therefore, I would wait to save on ETH gas fees.