OmniBTC is an omnichain DeFi platform that connects all the on-chain liquidity using interoperability protocols such as L0, Wormhole, Celer.


💵 TVL:

💸 Raised: TBA


Our goal with OmniBTC is to increase our volume and get as many points as possible while farming other projects like Wormhole or LayerZero.

01 • Visit OmniBTC

Vist OmniBTC, go to the rewards tab to sign in to start earning points for every transaction.

02 • Cross-Chain Swap

Swap 90% of your ETH on Arbitrum for ETH on Optimism. Once you input your amount, select LayerZero route to also farm it.
Always leave at least $5-$10 in ETH for gas fees.

03 • Repeat

Repeat the process for the following applicable chains: Base, Polygon, Avalanche & BNB.

04 • Wormhole

OmniBTC also gives the option to use Wormhole as the router, using it will increase your volume towards Wormhole's airdrop.
The applicable chains are: Polygon, Avalanche, BNB and Solana.

05 • Other routes

OmniBTC also offers other routes such as ChainX bridge, this will add points toward OmniBTC but since ChainX is not tokenless, don't expect any airdrop from it.